Monday, September 15, 2008

take me to the fair

with all of the stress and sleepless nights floating around this little household lately, we needed a quick getaway. so when Lacey invited us to meet up with her at the Great Frederick Fair, we agreed. unfortunately, on the day of, Lacey and her hubs couldn't make it, so J and i braved the fair ourselves. we ate some pretty good food (one of the reasons why we went) and even brought some home with us!

i love the fair at night. i'm like a little bug attracted to the lights...and i don't mind beating J at a few games...mainly the water gun game...i won a cute bug-eyed panda! anywho, here are some pretty pictures. enjoy!
see! i told you they were pretty! i tried to get different angles of the same rides, and i think i got what i wanted. what did you do this weekend?

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