Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Scrap challenge

alright, so in usual Pang fashion, i've added more to my plate than necessary. i've just recently joined a scrap challenge, where you send in a 12 x12 scrap, and then the hostess (in this case, JCasa from JC Handmade) will cut and mix up different patterns and send 10 squares back to you. and that's where the challenge comes in. after receiving the squares, you get to make whatever you want from them, but! you have to use all 10 squares. get it?...heck, just read this!

so on top of everything, i've piled on one more. do i have a problem? probably. i think i like to wind myself up so tight and work like a mad woman at the last minute. that's what i do! i can't wait to see what i come up with. i might even surprise myself!

ps - sorry Lacey! i was going to ask you to join, but i had a total brainfart! next time.

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Lacey said...

man! i always find out too late! I blame pong


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