Sunday, September 21, 2008

this is...

when i was younger, i wanted to be a ton of things when i grew up. i would sit there and day dream about my future job. it seems though, as i got older, what i wanted to be would change. first i wanted to become a zoologist cause gosh! i loved animals and learning about them. then i wanted to be a professional soccer player; to play for the US national team in the Olympics and the World Cup (that never happened!). in high school, when i joined the yearbook class, my love of photography started, so i stayed in that for about three years. then when i joined the journalism class my senior year, i wanted to be a journalist...then a photo journalist...and that was it for a long time...until now. yea, i still want to be a professional photographer one day, but this crafting thing is really the bee's knees for me. ever since taking my mom's sewing machine for hostage last Christmas (don't get me wrong, i've always been crafty in other areas, i used to sit in my bedroom and make picture frames out of cardboard and origami paper), i've been hooked...hard.

i love this crafty/bloggy community. and i have respect for everyone out there who is doing what they love. and although i'm not living off of my crafts yet, this is what i want to do. so now if you ask me what i want to be when i grow up, i'll probably say...i want to be happy when i grow up. i want to be happy in whatever it is that i decide to do...which is probably along the lines of photography or crafting...and maybe something to do with kids...or all of the above. i don't know, all i know is that i want to be happy. and that's all that matters.

thanks Cindy, for helping figure out what i want to be when i grow up.


Radiantsun said...


This is just what my husband and I say when people ask what our life goals are. YEY! I never met anyone else who felt that way!

cindy said...

I hope you liked the this is. It sounds like you have a lot of options in the areas that you like.


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