Tuesday, October 7, 2008


our monday's sewing circle is back! Lacey and i are at it again after our two months hiatus (we started last monday). this time, we are getting ready for our very first craft show. like i've mentioned in the previous post, we have signed up for the artist part of Downtown Live. although it's more of a music thing, i'm still pretty stoked about it cause we'll be getting our names out there.

after getting off from work, i doodled around she-town for an hour waiting for Lacey to get out of class, then headed over there for our sewing session. it didn't start right away cause Lacey decided she wanted to grow up and look for a new job for a bit, then she made us an early dinner. what was it you asked?
left over corn chowder with bacon and cilantro...and Yorkshire pudding (which is totally not a pudding!!! liars!). if you like corn, this is it for you. i don't know if you can tell from the picture, but i had the crispy part of the bacon (my fave!), while Lacey took the fatty part (yuck!). we could have totally been roomies cause she can have all the fatty part she wants!

after stuffing ourselves with corn and bacon, we decided it was time to sew. we set up camp in her kitchen and took over the dinner table and sewed while watching movies. one of the movies we watched was called The Fall: a stuntman and a little girl become fast friends as they are recovering in a hospital in the 1920s when he tells her a story about 5 heros. the movies takes you through the story and how the little girl's imagination percieves it. i absolutely loved it! the cinematography was amazing and the loved the story line, though a bit sad towards the end (i looked up and saw Lacey all teary eyed). Lacey also informed me at this movie was shot all over the world (18 to be exact!), so if you get a chance, rent it. it's definitely worth the watch. thanks Lacey!
i digressed a little...anywho, busy bee Lacey made four skinny scraves, while i worked on some winged friends. here she is modeling one of her scraves.like the fringe?
we worked our little butts off, so afterwards, we decided a cocktail...or two, was needed. we went to a local watering hole and ordered a few martinis: pumpkin pie, haterade, and fizzy pop drink (rimmed with pop rocks!)

later we met up with J and his friend and ended the night with pizza and a chat. overall it was a wonderful day. tune in next week to see what we get into. we've got some plans lined up.

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