Monday, October 27, 2008

my personal checklist from yesterday...

make my sissy a bat/vampire cape to go with her fake fangs like she asked...check!

she loved it so much, she kept it on the whole time she was at my place!

picked out pumpkins at the pumpkin patch with J, Lacey and Jon...check!!

Lacey and Jon took us to a quite farm just outside of Frederick

carved a pumpkin for the first time?...heck yes!...check!!

i'm assuming at Jon had a really good time...

J and i cheated and bought a stencil book...but don't worry, we added our own flair.

have you ever wondered why it's so stringy in there?

Jon and Lacey's pumpkin...of course she carved a cat's face (her cat's face to be exact)

ours, J carved the vampire and the bat was mine!

Halloween is just around the corner! what does your Jack-o-lantern look like?


Lacey said...

I like that inside the pumpkin shot you got there, pretty sweet. Also, those pumpkins are awesomeborgin (how would you spell that anyhow?)

J.r. said...



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