Saturday, October 25, 2008

oh! and i forgot!

i must not forget about the pins and magnets: ravioli, bacon, eggs, and pizza. and if you notice the little fine print on the tag, it says's right my dear friends. Pretty Little Fings has gone mainstream! after months and months of planning (oh, what i heck, i was just plain scared to commit!) Pretty Little Fings is finally on the internet market. this baby is still a newborn though, so you'll be a bit disappointed if you visit the shop from here till sunday. i promise though, after the artist fair, there will be an update and i will let you know when you can start ordering away!

if you see that there's anything i can improve on as far and the shop is concerned, please drop a line. feel free to give this clueless girl some words of inspiration, hints, or just plain improvements (there's always room). i would love to hear from you.

now spread the word!!!

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lottie said...

Wow! That's great news!! Can't wait to have a peek! x


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