Sunday, October 19, 2008

This is...

the Witches (based on the Rohl Dahl book) is one of my favorite movie from childhood. i love this movie because at the end, you could see all of the stuff that Luke (the main character) and his grandmother built to suit Luke's size. seeing all of the gadgets really made me want to be a mouse for a little while. i was lucky that it was also my mom's favorite so we would watch it together...ah, memories...

we both have a copy of it, but mine was VHS and it got stuck in a tv (a tv with a VHS slot) and it completely ruined the tv. now when i go thrifting or to a yard sale, i keep an eye out for it, but have been unsuccessful thus far.


my favorite romantic movie is the Notebook (adapted from a Nicholas Sparks book of the same name). the cinematography is beautiful and the story is beautiful, although sad at's just the ultimate love story, isen't it? here are three of my favorite scenes...

does anyone else love this movie too, or am i just a hopeless romantic?


my favorite comedy/movie from this year has to be Step Brothers. see for yourself!

i can't wait till this comes out on DVD!


thanks for suggesting this theme today Hokey! check out the blog roll over at Three Buttons to see who's playing.

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