Sunday, November 16, 2008

All Mixed Up.

putting together an art show is not an easy job, as i've recently found out. some artists are super cooperative and eager to help, while others can be a bit...umm...not so helpful. luckily, i had a handful of artistic friends (and some just very helpful friends and strangers) that were able to help me out. thus, friday night, "All Mixed Up," was born. to be honest, i had nightmares. i had over 35 pieces of art and no all. i was afraid it would take me forever to hang the pieces and go over opening time. but it all went surprisingly well. take a look!

here's a shot of the gallery (click to enlarge), a pretty spacious room. all of the pieces were mixed up on the wall, none of the numbers were in order. people were encouraged to take the printed list and match the art to the artist themselves.

one of the photographers came equiped with a personal bio.

as you can see, there was a good range of medias, photography, painting, mix media...

i got the idea of borrowing a dress form from a local store in she-town when my friend told me that her painting was a patch on a vest.

yep, and then there's me being a nerd next to my pictures.

we had a lot of traffic even though it wasn't advertised to death. i'm so glad i got the opportunity to do something like this and i can't wait to do it again (i've got a couple of numbers from interested artists and a couple of ideas in my head)...thanks to everyone who came and everyone who participated. it was a wonderful night!

ps - check out what lacey had up!

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