Friday, December 26, 2008

Let us recap...part 1

last Saturday we had a little company dinner at the restaurant. our dinner consisted of a boat load of sushi (above is what my first and second helpings looked like) and some curry. i dare say that it was the best Christmas dinner i've ever had!

and we also swapped our secret Santa gifts...guess who had me? Lacey! and of course, i was her secret Santa as well, imagine that! anyway, i guess we are both getting a nice little message soon cause she got me a gift certificate to a spa in Frederick! i'm so lucky.

i also got to give my friend/co-worker Brian his present...
it stemmed from an inside joke: a green bean with a mustache and a monocle...Mr. Creepey! now i kind of wished i had kept it to myself! i really liked this guy.

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