Saturday, December 27, 2008

Let us recap...part 2

Rock n' Shop was a huge success! i nearly sold out of everything by the end of the second hour. i met some really awesome crafters and everyone was so receptive!

Heidi Kenney of My Papercrane was once asked by a customer why someone should buy a plush and what was the purpose...and she confidently said (if i remember correctly): "because it brings you joy when you look at them"...and it all made sense to me now. i could see the joy and laughter it brought people when they visited my booth, which was great! i was having some doubts before the show, but after hearing all of the positive responses, my doubts were squelsched!

here's what my booth looked like. i was so glad i got to use an extra table to display the suitcase.

my neighbor Jennifer from FindersKeeper. she had no free time! her booth was always jammed packed. no surprise if you check out her Etsy store, her jewelry are great! i'll have to make sure to post a picture of the one that i got!

my other neighbor was Meaghan O'Malley of OhGinger and Queering Domesticity (her blog). i can't wait to show you what i got from her! did you know that she went to school in shepherdstown? what a small world...

i guess i could file this picture under "customer appreciation." she totally came up with a great idea and used the bat as a wristband. i love it!

how would all of this ever be possible if it wasn't for Becky. she was the one who told me about rock and shop! thanks for all of your help Becky!

and here's a shot of the venue, i was up on the rafters so i got a pretty good view throughout the night. gosh! it was so much fun! i hope to be picked again next year...the possibilities are endless now that i have one show under my belt...who knows, Pretty Little Fings might be a household name some day (sigh!).

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Meaghan said...

Hi!! I've been busy as hell since R&S, but it was so fabulous to meet you. Never doubt your plush and its ability to bring joy to others and cash into your pocket. I could not, despite my penchant for giving my Goddaughter everything and more, give up Frenchie. She's supervising my craft nook and will be there eternally...unless I'm home sick one day, in which case we'll snuggle.

I can't wait to catch up with you soon and perhaps sip a wet dog with you at Lost Dog. Happy New Year lady!


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