Saturday, January 31, 2009

Foto Fun Friday

i've got this nifty little webcam on my laptop so i was thinking it would be fun to do a meme on fridays. i was thinking of incorporating different props and even people (like Lacey or J) know, just for fun...yes, i'm a nerd...that's why i love this necklace from Oh Ginger. i met the wonderful Meaghan O'Malley at Rock n' Shop back in December, but before i met her, i did a little snooping around her shop and saw this necklace...i fell in love, so i had to have it!

1 comment:

Meaghan said...

You're the best. Thank you. Made my day, really!

I found MORE of those awesome pendants and will have some added to the shop in the very near future. Woo!


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