Sunday, January 4, 2009

Let us recap...part 6

Christmas went rather well this year. this year we opted to do secret santa and everyone was happy (probably because the wine was flowing). the food was delicious and it was nice to see everyone get together for the occasion. i hope everyone's had a terrific holiday. here's a recap of mine...
the humongous tree

my cousins...and if you're wondering, J got me that scarf from De*Nada Design
at the Rock n' Shop

my yai enjoying a nice of wine

and subsequently creeping my gramps out

my cousin got tricked when she opened a huge box of present to find another
box and 2 other boxes before finally getting to her smaller wrapped presents.

...and of course, my little sister...enough said

after we got home, J and i took Remy for a little walk around town. i borrowed Lacey's tri-pod and took a few night photos...

this is the church right behind our place. the lights were still on from their Christmas Eve service

this was probably my favorite picture from the night. it was taken at the four way in the middle of town while a car was passing by. you can see more photos from that night here on my Flickr.

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