Sunday, February 1, 2009

Snail Mail Valentines!!!!!

i know i'm like three days behind on mentioning this, but FredFlare's Snail Mail Valentine for charity are now on sale! you can pick up a bundle of cards (it's a surprise bunch!) for a couple of bucks and it all goes to charity. remember this? lets see if you can spot it in this cute Love, Illustrated video...

i'm loving the music mix!

i'm heading over to FredFlare right now to get some!!!!

and ps - if you love the bacon card, come on over to Craft and Kisses and snatch one for yourself!


Lacey said...

wow Panga! I didnt know they put you in the video! How exciting!

Pang said...

well, i wasn't really in it (would have totally been cool!), just the bacon card...


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