Tuesday, February 10, 2009

walk it out

fortunately, we were graced with another pretty day, so Remy, Lacey, and i took a little walk around town. (Rem needs the practice, she is terrible at walking on a leash) we took her to the Rumsey Monument Park to play fetch (pretty unsuccessful because she kept getting distracted) and took a wee little hike on a trail and loops around the park.

oh my! what big ears you have?


once on the trail, we came upon a clearing that housed a rather lonely looking bench. behind it was a beautiful stone wall...lucky for Lacey, it was photo shoot time!

this turned out to be my favorite picture, i tweaked it in two ways on Photoshop and really liked how both turned out. which you do prefer?

here's another one of my favorites too.

i can't wait for more pretty spring-like days!

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Lacey said...

im pretty good at looking awesome and nonchalant right?...


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