Monday, March 9, 2009

couple's massage

you read right. Lacey and i had a little girl date tonight. she got me a gift certificate to a spa in Frederick for my birthday (which he also gave me for Christmas...put them hour, whole body, Swedish massage!!!).

i had a hard time relaxing at first, but it was a wonderful experience (i've never been to a spa before, and now i understand why people love to go there). i was rather surprised that i enjoyed getting my feet (i usually think feet are gross, especially mine) and my head massaged.

afterward, we went to a pretty little coffee/sandwich place in Brunswick called Beans in the Belfry. i wish i had my camera so you could see how beautiful it was. i pulled out my camera to take pictures of us at the spa, but i had forgotten to place the battery back after it charged...perhaps another day...anyway, this place used to be an old church. they gutted it out and furnished it with what seemed like thrifted and antique items. it also helped that the food was pretty good too. we will definitely have to go back there again soon.

anywho, now that i'm home in my pj's, i feel extra relaxed. i'm been treated like loyalty even though it's not my birthday anymore...cheesecake and gifts from my boss, Lacey brought me a muffin after work and baked me a cake...oh yea! and that massage. i know i'm going to be sore tomorrow, but i'm pretty sure my body is going to thank me later.

as for now, it's night night time...

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