Friday, March 20, 2009

Sew n Place

somehow i had misplaced the buttonhole presser foot, so i had to order a new one. in the process we heard about a place called Sew n Place. it's a mom and pops sewing/fabric store filled with all sorts of fancy sewing machines, high quality quilting fabrics, and notions. they also clean/fix/check out your machines there.

got my lady sewing machine oiled and inspected.

i also fell in love with this beauty. they showed me how to work it and everything!!!

other than the presser foot, i also purchased some fabrics! i have been looking everywhere for wood grain printed fabrics and i finally found some!!

beautiful fat quarters

cute bunnies...i couldn't pass it up. Easter is coming after all.
i also got a buttons for a dime a dozen. seriously! these were my favorite.

i'm so glad we made this trip. i came home with some good stuff and now i can try to finish the bats! yay!

OH! and don't forget! tomorrow is the last day to post comments for my anniversary giveaway. the winner will be announce on saturday!!! good luck!

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this chickadee said...

that place looks great! LOVE the bunnies. and i can't wait to see the bats come to life.


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