Tuesday, March 17, 2009

this is what i do

usually, my days with Little C consists of us doing these things...

watching construction. C is obsessed with trucks (especially backhoes) and has a special place in his heart for jackhammers, rocks, and two crew members named Randy and Micky...yes, we are on a first name basis with all of the guys. everyday when the weather permits, we walk into town and 'hang out' around the construction site. yesterday, we spent a good hour sitting in front of the library watching the guys tear up a stop sign. there's been so much construction going on (the town is renovating the sidewalks) that i wonder what we/he would do when it's done. he'd be so devastated.

C and i frequent the library quite a bit. he loves to be read to and i love to read children's book so we have a good match up. everyday, we go through a routine before nap time. we read about three to five books, then turn on the music (he has been listening to the same nap time music forever!), turn off the lights, then climb into the crib. as i've mentioned before, we have both been on a Mo Willems kick. right now there are at least 5 of his books circulating through the house. of course there are other books he's really into, but i'm pretty sure he loves Mo's books the most.

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