Monday, March 16, 2009

another book bites the dust

have i already mentioned that it's hard for me to finish a book? i'll start one, get bored, start another, get bored, then find a book i really like, then try to finish cetera, et cetera. well, after finishing the Graveyard Book, i went back to this book...

...and finished it. rather good i must say. J actually recommended it to me (more like nagged me for months to read it cause he thought it was good...and he was right...dang). i was going to suggest it to the book club, but i'm not sure what our book club is up to right now...i'm pretty sure we've been on a hiatus.

anyway, the book is about a time traveling man who spontaneously goes back in time to meet his future wife as a child. he discovers he can time travel at a pretty young age, but doesn't go back to meet his wife (then a young girl) until his thirties...following still?...when he does finally meet her in real time (he's 28 and she's 20), he doesn't know her.

if you're still following and like what you've read so far, you should check out the book. and maybe we can even discuss it using the Group Questions in the back. but if not, you can just watch the movie i guess. it's scheduled to come out in 2010. i can't wait!!!!


Bear and Bird Boutique + Gallery said...

I loved this book! Though I have to admit I listened to it as an audio book. :-)

Pang said...

audio book!! lucky!


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