Sunday, March 15, 2009

words & pictures

i like pictures (but you already knew that)...and occasionally, i like words. when Pip (gotta love her) posted an invitation to join Words & Pictures, i couldn't pass it up. this week's theme is...School Lunches...and away we go!

bologna sandwiches was the staple of my packed lunches. occasionally, i would get a couple of dollars to buy a school lunch, but mostly, it was bologna & cheese sandwich and Utz chips in a brown bag. i'm pretty sure this is the reason why i don't eat (or have any cravings) for bologna anymore. not that i even really liked that to begin with or anything...i lived in a household with three cousins and that was the lunch meat of choice for the majority, so i had to grin and eat.

in high school, i was able to muster up some money from my allowance to by school lunches. taco day was like going to an almost sold out concert (except the good music and pits and stuff like that), where people would stand in line waiting for their turn to buy a ticket, hoping that there're not going to get turned away. so vividly, i remember kids running from their classrooms as soon as the lunch bell ran (we had 3 lunch shifts in my school, so if you were the last shift, you usually get screwed and get stuck with the 'usual' stuff if you were too slow). people would cut lines and i was crazy about chicken nugget day for some reason that i can't recall. i just know that it was served with mashed potatoes and this awesomely delicious gravy...umm, yum!

during my junior year, i got stuck on these stuffed crust dippers (pretty much cheese filled pizza crusts) served with marinara sauce. i never got full from them (sold in fours), so i would always have to get seconds. i got so fed up spending 'too much' money on them that i actually wrote a petition and got some of my classmates to sign it. i know, how nerdy of me. the thing is, i couldn't get up the nerve to give it to the lunch ladies. i was very intimidated by them all, except for my friend Jeremy's grandma, she was a nice lady. anyway, looking back now i wish i had the guts to give them that petition...i wonder if it would have made any difference?

you can join or see who else is involved here!

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