Thursday, April 30, 2009

i should really be crafting

so i've been working on a plush (a couple actually, by trial and error) for the Mortal Plush Show coming up in July (deadline is May 1st...eeeep!). i didn't want to go with the obvious happy or sad that you usually see in my softies, so i opted for embarrassment or shyness. i'm not really sure if i'm capturing it here. what do you think?

(an immature blue can tell by his belly)

(in this closeup you can see that he's blushing)

any words of wisdom/critic is welcomed. check out what their Flickr pool here. have a wonderful day!

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Meaghan said...

I think this works! I would also suggest trying, if you haven't already, a crooked smile. The plush version of :-/ Perhaps that would look less "scared" and more shy?

I think both of the crabs are ADORABLE and I think it's particularly awesome that they are crabs with varying emotions. You're an artiste!


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