Wednesday, April 29, 2009

oh the weather!

i feel super exhausted today. i woke up an hour past my alarm (yikes) and i am feeling kind of sluggish. hmph!

i finally got a chance to upload some TTV photographs that i took (i definitely got some strange looks and questions about the contraption) on my day trip to DC. below are some of my faves.

(@ the Museum of Natural History)
(on the side of the road)(@ the Museum of Natural History in the Orchid room)

and if you're wondering why i spent the day there, it's because your's truly is an Artomatic 2009 artist this year! remember when J and i accidentally found out about Artomatic during my Alexandria photo shoot last year? well, i promised myself i was going to do it this year, whether it be through photography or plush...and i am!

on sunday i had orientation and site selection, so afterwards i decided to visit a few museums afterwards...and it was a blast! i got lost in the National Gallery a couple of times while trying to find my way out and i even chilled at the 'pool' in the Sculpture Garden.

i have to work my first shift (that's how Artomatic is ran, each participant is required to sign up for three shifts of work) in a couple of weeks...maybe i'll make another day trip out of it. hmm

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