Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Street Fest 09

here are a couple of pictures of our booth from Saturday.

my booth mate Lauren. you can check out her stuff here!

have you ever seen a Pretty Little Fings table so packed?!?! too bad i'm terrible at updating my Etsy store (i promise a July update soon!) i made a couple of new Fings that i forgot to take good pictures of...like the Ninja Worm...but now it's all gone! don't worry though, i'll probably be making more soon, they were a lot of fun!

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Anonymous said...

First of all, I love, love love your product. The last picture in this post is my favorite though, because I can see my love bug. :) My girl friend and I are both from Jefferson County, and she came to my house the day after street fest with a surprise for me. She had purchased the pink/red and blue love bug set for her and I. I absolutely adore it. I took it with me when I went to college, and still sleep with it...over a year later. Maybe next time, I'll be visiting the booth for her. :P


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