Sunday, July 5, 2009

old stompin' ground

last Thursday, J took me on a tour of his hometown. first, we went to a really neat antique place called the Antique Association where there was a lot of unique things. some have been there (according to J) since he was little.

(Lacey would die if she saw this!)

(i'm hoping to go back and get this one)

out back, we found an old dilapidated double decker bus
and a bench to sit on next to a little creek .

later on, we tried to go Letterboxing, but was fruitless, even though we tried several times and found the spot where it was supposed to now it's 0-2.
then, he took me on a driving tour and took us to an old flour mill.

oh yea, to start the day, we went for ice cream at Nutter's! the best ice cream place ever!

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