Monday, August 17, 2009

we finally had that Wet Dog

i was so lucky to have gotten the chance to catch Meaghan (of Oh Ginger)and Em while they were visiting She-town. we were supposed to meet up over Wet Dogs (yummy cold espresso drink) at the local coffee shop, but it ended up taking the whole afternoon (i really wish i didn't have to work). i ended up showing the ladies my place and chit chatted for a while and it was great fun. we talked about crafting and growing up while Remy and Em became fast friends. lets do that again soon, k?


Meaghan said...

Yeah! Look at us. :-) It was a great visit, Pang. I can't wait until the next one! I've already put in a request with Ms. Chickadee.

Pang said...

it was superfantastic! i can't wait for some Oh Pretty Ginger Chickadee time!

this chickadee said...

count me in for the next field trip to fingland!

Pang said...

woo hoo!


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