Friday, September 25, 2009

finally finished!!!

i don't know if i've mentioned a peep about what i'm making (just showing pictures)...but i'm making a "P" for an all plush, "Plush You" sign for the Bluebottle Art Gallery. i came up with a couple of ideas, but they all just didn't seem to work out...until i tried going simple. here's the finished letter:

does he look like a certain someone to you? minus the braces.
his hand stitched hat.
his sweet little face! the braces are my fave!!!

ok, so i totally had J in mind while making this (he has glasses, wears a black hat 24/7, and almost always wears a buttonup/plaid shirt). i didn't add any arms though because i didn't want to take away from the shape of the "P."

he's going to be overnighted to Seattle just in time for October!! Plush You, here he comes!

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