Friday, October 16, 2009

Foto Fun Friday

i'm so so sorry for being a sluggish blogger. it seems to me that whenever i set a goal to blog about something, it usually doesn't happen, so no more of that. i hate stringing you guys along.

i thought i was going to get my 3rd day photos up this morning, but i spent the whole time working on an application for a fair in December...lets cross our fingers, k?

without further interruptions...

Seattle's zombie walk
(zombies use iPhones?)

this week's Foto Fun Friday was taken by your's truly in Seattle. some how we stumbled upon a Zombie Walk poster and showed up just in time to catch it the next day (we had never been to one and i was gungho about making it). it was on the smallish side, but awesome none the less.

i hope you guys are having a good Friday. stay warm!

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