Wednesday, October 14, 2009

tea for 1 1/2

tea for 1 1/2

as my first day back to work treat, C and i went for some tea and scones at Shaharazade's, a local exotic tea room. i've been meaning to go there with Lacey, but have never quite made it, so since i'm still in the spirit of trying new things (like crumpets in Seattle), i thought i'd try some scones.
C wasn't really into it, but i loved it with fresh Devinshire cream and strawberry preserves...YUM!

on another note...i'm still in the process of moving the studio. wait! have i mentioned this?!? i'm moving the studio from a rented space back into the apartment and j and i are sharing a i've been very slow at crafting...tonight we moved a few boxes and rearranged some things...ugh! how did i ever accumulate so much craft supplies!?!?! does that happen to you?...anywho...Seattle was very inspiring, so i can't wait to put everything in place and get to work.

now a good night's rest is in order (did you hear that j? stop chomping on ice while i'm sleeping!). lots of photos to load tomorrow. nighty!

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