Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Day 2:

day 2 was incredible! J and i walked about three blocks to find Schmancy and met Kristen (the brain behind Plush You!). it's so nice to see things/meet people in real life instead of seeing them on your computer screen. Kristen recommended a place called the Crumpet Shop where we could get some yummy brunch so off we went. this place was a little hole in the wall, but adorable! i had never even heard of what a crumpet was, but after some convincing...mainly asking the guy behind the counter what it was (essentially a super scrumptious/buttery English muffin) ...i was sold and had mine with strawberry preserves and cream cheese. DANG! was it good!?!

the Crumpet Shop
(all the things you could put on your crumpets)

my new favorite addiction...i mean, favorite breakfast
(i can't stop talking about them!! yum!)

afterward we walked down to Pioneer Square and checked out Occidental Park, which isn't really much of a park, but i'll take it.

Occidental Park, Pioneer Square
(a wide view of the park, also referred to as a square)

the neighborhood was beautiful and the day was perfect for exploring. we checked out a couple of store fronts (like this place called the Mystery Book shop...we thought it was going to be some mystery about it...but it ended up just being a book store filled with mystery books...we were a little disappointed) and stopped at Elliot Bay Books that a couple of people had recommended (Becky!).

Elliot Bay...the best book store ever!

boy, i sure was glad we went in there, that place was amazing! we found a lot of quirky books and bought an autographed copy of The Wild Things by Dave Eggers. seriously, i could have lost myself for hours in this place! it was that amazing. we walked down to the waterfront and enjoyed the scenery...even went to Pier 70 to "see" the Real World silly. we sat for a bit at Olympic Sculpture Park and headed to the hotel for a nice rest.

i enjoyed the space needle
(the space needle gets a thumbs up)

(J and i enjoying the scenery on one of the piers)

i went back to Schmancy later that evening to help Kristen and her crew put the show together (where i mainly took boxes in/out of storage and tagged the plushies.) it was like Christmas! there were so many great plush and i totally was loving on them all! and it was so nice to see what the whole process was like. i met Shelly the super Schmancy Intern and a couple of other great folks. J even came back to help after a little while.

Kristen of Schmancy!!
(Kristen Rask)

Shelly with Licorice Tree's marionette
(Shelly and a piece from Licorice Tree)

we went over to the Moore Theatre, which was right next to Schmancy, to catch the Old Crow Medicine, show, that we had decided to go see earlier in the day. they are a talented bunch! the theatre was built in 1907 and is the oldest theatre in Seattle, so you could imagine what it kind of looks like...but well kept of course. the show was really fun, except for the up-down part (people, either stand up or sit down!) and J and i had a really good time. watching Old Crow made me a little home sick and reminded me of one of my favorite bands back home the Fox Hunt (sometimes they cover Old Crow songs).

we caught the Old Crow Medicine the Moore
(entertaining for sure!)

we stopped by this dive bar called the Night Lite (said to be one of the oldest bars in Seattle) since J was starving (he didn't want to eat his sandwich since it had shredded apples in it...i thought it was good) and actually met a couple of the guys from the band. NEAT!

we called it a night and headed back to the hotel where we met is 'business man' outside. he was totally into going out or going out with strangers and asked if we wanted to join him. he actually asked if we 'partied' and how hard we 'partied', so we bid him goodnight and walked rather fast towards the hotel entrance. not something you encounter everyday...anywho, i guess you would know the routine by now. more pics on the ol' Flickr.

day 3 adventures tomorrow!


Jessica said...

Ohhh, I LOVE Elliot Bay Books! It feels like an old ship to me! They have the absolute best selection of art and photography books - and, as you mention, lots of books that have been signed. My aunt lives in an apartment complex right across from the Seattle Art Museum, so Elliot Bay is only about 5 blocks away. Glad you had a fun trip!

Pang said...

I agree! It does have that feel to it. I don't understand how it could be so big!

The trip was super fun. I was sad I didn't really get to hit all of the cupcake places you might have mentioned!


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