Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm Back!

Seattle was a BLAST!! J and i had the most amazing time and met a lot of great people...we almost didn't want to come back! the time difference was a good thing at first cause we felt like the days were longer (woke up early when it was really mid day on the East Coast), but now i'm having a hard time adjusting back...yesterday i woke up around 3 pm! THAT NEVER HAPPENS UNLESS I'M SICK!

after settling into our hotel room, we walked down to Pike Place Market to grab some lunch. we continued to explore downtown Seattle by walking around the waterfront checking out the Seattle Aquarium and some antique shops. later that night we went to the Capitol Hill district and had a yummy dinner at the Rosebud where J found his new favorite mac & cheese. we checked out a few bars in that area and ended up checking out a hip-hop (since i had never been to one) show at Neumos.

anywho, i managed to get our first day's pictures up already, so check them out!

beard man
(lunch at Lowell's)

look at all of these suction cups!!!!!
(i got to touch a star fish at the aquarium! look at this guy!)

somebody loves her Boston
(someone loved her Boston!)

more here!!!!

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