Tuesday, October 27, 2009

hello Seattle

yes, yes, a couple of weeks later and i'm still raving and ranting about Seattle...i just loved that city! J and i were able to enjoy Seattle's breathtaking view on a beautiful day as we walked around the Space Needle.

i've been figiting with my camera's HD video mode for a while now (and found the perfect song) and thought you'd like to see why i (we) fell in love with Seattle.

disclaimer: i know it's a little amateur-ish and a little boring going around in a circle...but it gets better at the end. we are goofy for sure.

oh! and i can't forget to credit Owl City for the perfect song. i love this one man band and i can't wait for J to take me to their show in January...i see tickets for Christmas prezzies in the horizon...wink wink!

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Anonymous said...

my favorite part

p: "say it again."
jr: "you heard me. you heard me the first time."

heart you guys and seattle!!

let's move. now.



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