Sunday, October 25, 2009

i tried...

(fresh off the stove with fresh baked bread)

i mentioned on the Seattle, Day 3 post that i met up with Kristen at Le Pichet for breakfast and we both had the oeuf plats (broiled eggs with ham and Gruyere)...i fell in LOVE! it is so good. since i've been craving it like crazy, i decided to try to make it. simple enough right, eggs, ham, and cheese?

first, i bought the wrong cheese (Gouda, i swear i saw Gouda on the menu...i was wrong). cooking it was easy enough and i thought i did a great job until i sat down to enjoy it...the yolk was well done when it was supposed to be over easy (right? runny yolk for you to dip bread in?)! i flipped out for a minute! i baked a baguette to dip in it!!

(those little black specks are peppers)

you know what though? we have plenty more eggs for me to experiment with. i will defeat oeuf plats and have it perfect for breakfast! watch me!

ps - do you eat these everyday for breakfast Lacey???


Meaghan said...

Gruyere is my favorite favorite favoritest cheese ever. Especially Gruyere IN Switzerland. You'll get it right, I'm sure. That looks quite tasty, though. :-)

Lacey said...

I eat lots of runny eggs and baguettes - i tend to skip the ham and cheese part though ;)
I also love Gruyere but lately I've been on a goat cheese kick though I did get Gouda last week. Save that Gouda for mac and cheese!


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