Thursday, November 12, 2009

hey, hey, hey, hey Mr. Postman

in my case, it's the post lady. there are two of them, and i'm pretty sure they hate J and i. between me sending packages and asking a gazillion questions (always using the wrong box...but i'm getting better!) and J using our street address instead of the P.O. Box address, they have been ready to pop a metaphoric cap in my butt (cause they are always friendly to J for some odd reason...must be the beard).

that is all water under the bridge now because we've made up. what i really wanted to show you today is what i've been getting in the post!!!

a postcard from Skinny
(we got an old school bicycle postcard from good ol' Lacey today. she is currently living in France. have i mentioned that?)

Sheriff Samuel & Oscar
(our new friends Sheriff Samuel & Oscar from Plush You! Sheriff Samuel is from Cinnamon Sugar Hearts & Oscar is from Telephone & Monster Bones)

oh no!!! don't eat the Sheriff!
(oh no Oscar!!!! don't eat the Sheriff!!!)

what next?!?! i love prezzies in the mail! i hope everyone is having a great day!

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