Monday, November 9, 2009

Seattle, Day 4

i know it seems like an eternity since i've been back, but i still remember our last day in Seattle very vividly.

some of us had a little too much fun the night before and woke up not feeling so good so i suggested we go get breakfast...again, we went to Le Pichet because i just loved that place...i thought J would love the dish that i ordered the day before but it didn't really fit his appetite at the time (he wanted something greasy i think), but i loved it. i ate mine and finished his...that's right, i said it!!

Oeuf Plats au jambon
(yum, yum, eat them up!)

while he headed back to the hotel to get some rest, i headed over to Antiques at Pike Place, which is seriously, the best antique store i've ever been to (Lacey would have appreciated it...might have even screamed in delight). they had the biggest antique jewelry collection i've ever seen and it just over all an amazing place. i only got one photo there because you had to leave your bags at the door and you were not really allowed to take pictures in there. the lady at the counter told me it was because they had so much jewelry...i don't know what that meant, but i was scared to take photos.

Pike Place Antiques

i spent a little too much time at the antiques place, so J and i had to take a taxi up to Capitol Hill to see Handmade Nation! yes! i finally got to see it!! it was definitely worth the wait and i even got to meet/shake hands with Fayth Levine (Google her if you don't know, and if you don't know, you should be ashamed!!!). i almost died! DIED!! i know she probably doesn't remember me, but it was still awesome! we decided to skip the discussion and walked towards the Space Needle to see a zombie walk we had seen a poster for a day before.

we got a little turned around and followed a trail of fake blood (seriously on the trail, but it could have very well been real blood) and then followed some zombies around. those zombies were pretty dang fast cause we actually lost track of them and ended up at Seattle's Sea Sk8 Park instead. J encouraged me to get up close and take photos, so i befriended the skate park's manager Kristin, who was super nice and actually gave me some pointers on how skate boarders liked to be photographed (always face them!!). she suggested i get a little closer, so took her advice and got REALLY close, i mean, close enough where i could have gotten hit or ran over!

Seattle Sea Sk8 Park
(female skater! chea!)

i've never taken pictures of skate boarders before so this was such a great experience for me. it was AWESOME! if you know any skaters, send them my way!

while i was shooting the skaters, the zombie walk rolled by, so i immediately ran over to take get some shots.

he had a stick sticking out of his chest

pretty fun too!

we headed back to the hotel via the monorail (suggested by Kristen at Schmancy) and got ready for the Plush You opening at the Bluebottle Art Gallery. i think the reoccurring theme through out my Seattle trip was how things appeared smaller on the interwebs. duh! Bluebottle was so much bigger than i had thought. the show was on the upstairs loft and i was so proud to have been a part of such an amazing show! i reached for my camera to take photographs of the show, but realized that i had forgotten my memory card at the hotel. dunce! i do this on a daily basis you should know...oh! and i had forgotten it the night before too, but luckily, we were only 5 mins away, that night, there was a 25 minute walk from the gallery to the hotel! J suggested i use my iPhone to take pics, so that's why i don't have very many of this show. sigh.

being a dork next to my pieces.
(nerd alart!)

i LOVED this!!!
(so funny & cute by Alisa Ross)
while there, we met up with a couple of the other artists we had met the night before and headed out to the opening at the Anne Bonny. we got turned around all over the place and ended up not making it there on time. bummer. hunger set in so we decided to have dinner at a Thai Restaurant which was a very good idea at first cause as we walked in, it smelled like my grandma's house. hmm, i thought it would be good until we got our Pad Thai's. i ordered the country style Pad Thai and J got the regular, which wasn't so had ketchup in it!! yuck i say! i mean, judging from the fact that i eat Pad Thai on a regular basis (weekly), i am a bit of a snob, but seriously? ketchup? mine tasted close to what i was used to, but my Tom Kha Gai had onions and carrots in it. REALLY? has anyone else encountered this? i was so freaked out i had to call my grandma to clearify! anyway, we packed our left overs up and gave it to some poor, seemingly homeless man on the street and eventually walked back to the hotel where we watched SNL and called it a night...our flight was bright and early the next morning.

more pictures HERE.


we pretty much spent the whole day next day traveling. it was brutal, especially the time change. J and i were both pretty exhausted and our flight got delayed in Newark (not a very well laid out airport). i wasn't very happy to have had such a short trip, but i felt like we did so much during our time there. seriously, i love Seattle. it's beautiful there. i made a few friends that i'm pretty sure i'll keep in touch with and i just love the vibe there. man, i can't wait to go back! Plush You, please accept me again next year!

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