Wednesday, November 4, 2009

it's peanut butter (minus jelly) time!

i've been having a couple of ideas prancing around in my head. making a peanut butter cookie plush is one of them. this cookie is smaller than the chocolate chip cookie (think pin size) and the stitches mock the impression of a fork (like a real pb cookie). i'm not sure what to think of it yet. does it resemble a cookie even?

i was thinking about making a few smaller cookies (think life size) and packing a couple of them up together as a group. what do you think? i mean, i like the idea. once i get some beads, i'm thinking about a sugar cookie to add to the mix. i don't know, i might toy with a couple of different sizes first. we will see.

does this little guy look wonky? let me know what you think.


Meaghan said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE! I kind of wish the color of the fabric was a touch darker, but otherwise they're great. Do you need clear beads? Let me know if I need to hunt out here for you - don't know what the bead offerings are out yonder.

fgray01 said...

The only thing is that on a PB cookie, the fork marks are usually only in the middle--or is that just the way my mom made them?? What if you put the stitching just in the middle?

Pang said...

thank you ladies. both are very valid points. i do have a darker brown i was thinking of (slightly darker) and i was thinking out making another with stitches kept in the middle.

i think i'm going to do with colorful beads. no need to look (i already have some in mind), but i'm sure you have great bead stores down your way Meaghan! thanks!

Anonymous said...

yummy! i'm loving these cute little cookies!!



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