Tuesday, December 29, 2009

...and this makes four...

i wanted to show you a few prezzies that J got for me...

some of the prezzies from J
Diana lens for my dslr, Scrabble dictionary (because i suck), a Lomo album, Roadside Project prints, and mustaches on a stick from Somethings Hiding in Here!!! lots of mustachio-ed pictures to come!

made cookies today
oh! and i baked! i was going out to lunch with Lacey, so i woke up early and baked lemon poppy seed shortbread cookies (but i didn't follow the whole recipe and added my own twists) for her and some friends of mine. i hope they liked it.

...i'm sorry for MULTIPLE posts in one day...but we had a lot of catching up to do...right?...ok, so i had a lot of free time on my hands today...oh well, goodnight!

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