Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rock me mama.

Rock n Shop was a success! i'm so glad to have been a part of it again for the second year. maybe next?

blurry booth and my sales clerks
my blurry booth and my sales clerks. thanks guys!

Becky and the lonely banjo
this Chickadee came to visit! she was kind enough to help me set up (we were stuck in traffic and had only 15 minutes to set up before the show opened) and took home this lonely banjo.

Sean and his coal
BFF Sean impersonating a lump of coal. i'd say he did a pretty good job.

Oh Ginger's booth!
OH HAI! i got a quick chance to visit Oh Ginger even though her booth was on the other end of the floor. Meaghan and i met for the very first time at Rock n Shop last December and have been friends ever since! i'm so lucky!

the adorable Jennifer of the Sea Change...i'm so mad this picture is blurry!
look! Jennifer Cowham of The Sea Change was there too! i a big fan of her jewelry and have a mini collection going. this year, i moved too slow and some of my favorite pieces were sold before i could get them...but! i did get a cheese & camera necklace. it's so me!

anywho. thanks for coming out to support all of the artists. i loved seeing repeat customers (sorry if you had to remind me cause my memory sucks!) and making friends with new customers. much love for you all!

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