Tuesday, December 29, 2009

if you build it...

and that's what i did. i finally cleaned the studio today, i mean, i got one thing accomplished...so i thought why not. let's build a fort!

it has everything i need including a dry erase board
it has everything i need...books, tissues, blankets, pillows...

Remy likes the fort too!
and Remy loves it!

J came to visit
and J even came to visit!

i've just had the craziest urge to build one (i know, i'm 24 and still building a fort?). i guess i miss hanging out with C in the fort that we built together. plus, i've always wanted a reading nook, so this is perfect!! it's going to stay up for a whole week (unless my cat ruins the party and crashes it)! come join!


Jessie Mae said...

That is an awesome fort! Very cozy, and stylish too.

And don't feel bad about being 24 and still building forts. I'm 29, and I plan to continue building forts for years to come.

CupcakeSniper said...

That is the most amazing fort! Looks super cozy! I think you should keep it up all year round :D

Pang said...

thanks ladies! it's so very cozy! i would love to keep it around all year long, but we might be moving (not 100%). it's good to know that other grown women are still building forts too!


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