Monday, December 28, 2009


i have no idea what to do with myself now that i'm on winter break (working with little C). i had planned on cleaning the studio (in dire need!), but after grabbing a smoothie with Lacey and some of our friends this morning (she's visiting from France!), all i want to do is built a cozy fort in my living room and snuggle up with Remy.

i decided to check my email, then got sidetracked...which led to browsing through numerous beautiful and inspiring pictures. now i want to share:

it's days like these that i wish i still had a girl roommate. {image via}

between J and i, we own a few books. one day when we own a home, i want to have a
library as colorful and beautiful as this one. {image via}

what a lovely dress. looking at this photograph makes me want to wear my vintage dresses...
but it's too cold! {image via}

i want to have a tea party and decorate like this! {image via}

yumm...homemade marshmallows! {image via}

where can i get some Macarons in the MD/WV area?!?! i might have to send some money back to France with Lacey so she could send me some...i am dying for these! {image via}

i absolutely love this shot. {image via}

hmm...getting hungry, i should probably go do something with myself...or cuddle with Remy...tough choice! hope everyone is having a great Monday!

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