Sunday, December 27, 2009


a few months ago, my friend Chelsea commissioned me to make her some banjo plushies. she commissioned six banjos for five six of the kids she nannies and one for her niece. Chelsea plays the banjo so she thought it would be a perfect combination/gift for the kiddos.

custom banjos for my friend Chelsea who plays the banjo

i was a little apprehensive at first (honestly, i didn't think i'd do a good job), but i took the challenge and ended up really liking the whole process and how they all turned out. we had talked about personalizing the banjos, so i embroidered the first letter of the kids' names on a fabric heart and sewed it onto the back of the plushies (which i forgot to photograph). the banjos are rather simple compared to the real thing, but since most of the kiddies are on the younger side, i knew they would get lots of love and didn't want anything that they could choke on.

banjo face!
smiling face.

she commissioned six for six of the kids she nannies
ready for delivery! this banjo in the front is for a lone boy in the mix.

so yea, i was very pleased with how they turned out. and making them really taught me that i shouldn't be scared of custom pieces. i have one more custom piece to finish (kitty cat) and then i'm taking a break for a week!


CupcakeSniper said...

Omg! These banjo's came out amazing! You are soooo talented and those kids are soooo lucky!!

Pang said...

honestly, they came out better than i could have ever imagined. thank you!


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