Wednesday, December 16, 2009

oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree

this year, J and i decided we wanted a Christmas tree...a bigger tree in comparison to last year's mini fiber optic one that belonged to Lacey. we went out and got a cheap 4 ft. pre-lit tree (bad idea, it looked pretty sorry, but that's what we got for the money we spent), borrowed some ornaments from his mom (bought a few also) and came home to decorate. voila!

setting up our tree

ornament in the morning
i took this picture one morning when the sunlight was shining on the ornaments. it was beautiful.

our polaroid ornament
being a photo geek that i am, i wanted to add photographs to our tree. i was inspired by Elsie's instant photo ornaments...doh! so simple!

we placed our tree on a side table to keep it away from curious animals and to put prezzies under. J and i have a bad habit of opening gifts early, so one of my gifts is already sitting under the tree...Yuki, the mini bottom feeder from The Cotton Monster! i've been wanting one forever!

paper house ornament
i adore this paper house ornament we picked up for less than $1. CHEAP!

a gingerbread man ornament from My Paper Crane J gifted to me on our first Christmas
a gingerbread man ornament that J gifted to me for our very first Christmas. sigh.

monster claw hanging from our tree
our tree wouldn't be complete without something weird in it! one of our ornaments is a monster claw!!! we got this while we were in Seattle. i miss that place.

the Holiday spirit is in the air. i still have a few gifts to make so i should get going. working on a few custom orders and wrapping up projects for this Saturday's Rock n' Shop show at the Black Cat.

nine days until Christmas! WHAT?!?!?

happy Wednesday!


CupcakeSniper said...

i love your christmas tree...can you come decorate mine?! ;)

Anonymous said...

totally cutes. loves your cupcake sweatshirt.



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