Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Oui Oui!

last week (was it?) i got a special package from Limoges, France. Lacey sent me a box of goodies filled with prezzies and snacks and I was so delighted when I got in it the post. I was a little worried though, that the contents inside where a bit banged up cause of the state of the was dented and tapped on one side where it looked like it had ripped or been ripped opened.

how the package showed up.

When I opened it, I found:

antique plate and blue porcelain. Lacey said it was Limoges' specialty
and antique dish Lacey got at the flea market for me to take pictures with, how thoughtful and some blue porcelain goodies. she said Limoges is known for that stuff...later i found out that the little box actually belonged to a friend, sorry Rachel!

some yummy snacks like the pre made, chocolate filled crepes and the Madeleines, which were Lacey's favorite.

yummy instant crepes with chocolate filling!
i couldn't help myself and opened the crepes right away cause she had been talking about it for weeks and i was curious!

my favorite gift!
this books was the piece de resistance for me! which literally translates into "The little naps of Polly" i right?

part of the book
the illustrations in it were pretty amazing. like this monster poking it's head out of a bush

love this expression
and the face that Polly makes are hilarious! reminds me of the funny/weird faces i make.

thanks Lacey and Merry early Christmas to me!

to see what she's been up too in France, visit her blog! she comes back for a visit next week!


Anonymous said...

Tell Lacey you need some macarons!!!!

CupcakeSniper said...

aww those are awesome!!

Pang said...

that's a great idea Jess! I'll ask her when she goes back after her vacation.


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