Friday, December 4, 2009

so soft!

thanks to Ms. James over at the Bleubird Vintage blog, i feel in love with her yarn pom pom wreath tutorial. about a month after starting this project, i am officially done! yay!

i used soft yarn, so the pom poms were quite cuddly and poofy...


my color choices are similar to the ones she used cause i really liked the fall theme, but i added a few reds to make it a little more festive. she mentioned using about 41 pom pom on her wreath, but i swear i feel like i have more...i forgot to count!

so cuddly & soft

i had so much fun with this side project though. i think i might make one for every season!!


Anonymous said...

looks great!


miss james said...

awe... it's beautiful!!! <3


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