Thursday, December 3, 2009

grubby hands

when someone with visibly dirty hands touches your stuff to cringe right? well, sometimes at these fairs, that happens. no offense to anyone, but i've been scheming up ways to package the little Fings so as to protect them from dirty grubby hands...and to make them look a little more cute.

i bought some pretty paper (think candy canes, yum!), cute them up to size, stamped it "Yummy Pins" and stapled them to a plastic baggy.

Yummy pins

packaging for the pins

it's a little bit of extra work, but i think it will be good in the long run. that way, it keeps it from getting dirty by me too.

oh, and while we are on the subject of pins, my bacon pins are making a come back this year, with a little update.

bacon pins are back baby and this year it's more fierce! haha

i tried to do something fun and took lots of pictures of them in hopes of making a stop motion video...when i have a bit o time. we will see.

enjoy your Thursday!


Meaghan said...

PANG! These are amazing. I can't wait to see our booth come together on Saturday. E-mailing you now.

Melissa of {craftgasm} said...

Totally cute - I love the baggies. They make it look so professional. Where in the world did you find an affordable, adorable tinyish spinny rack?

Lacey said...

Love the bags, really good idea!

Pang said...

Meaghan - can't wait to see your side of the booth!!

Melissa - Thank you! I actually found the rack at an antique store over the summer. I had to grab it up!

Lacey - Thanks lady!


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