Thursday, January 7, 2010

I've decided to join a club

you might remember that Lacey, Becky, and i were in a book club once. we took turn picking out books and had semi discussions about them. needless to say, that club is over. i feel less and less motivated to actually read...or FINISH any book i've started. i've been so busy that the only times i ever pick up a book is right before bed and by then i am completely exhausted and would only get a few sentences in before snoozing...if i was lucky, i might get a paragraph or two at best.

i've decided it's time to slow down and get motivated to read...and expand my literature horizon a bit. my solution was to join the Slow Readers Book Club. one of the organizers/founder, Diana of Our.City.Lights writes:

"Don't let the name fool you- it's not for literally slow readers (although, if you are, we don't judge) and it's not as exclusive as a 'club'. This is an opportunity to take part of a movement that needs a revelation to slow down and take a few minutes in our day to disconnect, reenergize and even be a part of helping our communities and environment, via The Slow Movement."

the first book will be Half Broke Horses by Jeannette Walls. my excitement for joining this club is heightened when i realized that i will have almost two whole months to finish it! our first group email discussion will be on March 4th! i think i could totally be able to finish. now i just have to go to the library and grab it!

it's not too late to join. contact Diana if you're interested!!

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