Wednesday, January 6, 2010

my first plush of 2010.

have i ever mentioned that i LOVE sushi? i can eat four rolls by myself in one sitting...i consider that a lot for a girl my size...i decided to extend my love of these delicious treasure in a roll into crafting and made plush sushi! now, you might think, yea, well, a gazillion people have done it before you...and yes, i know this, but has anyone ever made a fresh crab meat asparagus and Old Bay roll? i mean, not to my knowledge!

fresh crab meat asparagus old bay roll

i made this roll cause i love it! i'm thinking that it needs more though, and i'm not sure about the bigger one with the mustache...i am partial to cute and small (like Remy).

i've made some new sketches and have a few ideas up my sleeves for plushies. hope you will like them.


Stephanie Rinehart said...

Ahh! So, I totally ate one of these last night. It's my favorite roll!

I love Jess for showing me this.

I like the 'stache.

Anonymous said...

Love this Pang!!

Pang said...

thank you for the feedback ladies!


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