Tuesday, January 19, 2010

sooo soft!

for the New Year, i made Remy a dog bed. i made it out of J's old thermal t's and some really really soft fleece. i really should have made it square shaped instead of human pillow shape (i really don't know what i was thinking! she can only fit on it in one direction), but she seems to love it.

i made Remy a dog bed a little while back out of J's old thermal shirt (black) and really really soft fleece
(this may not have been her good side. haha)

i stuffed it with fabrics a scraps that i've accumulated from projects...and even friend's projects and toped it with poly fil. let me tell you, this pillow is stinkin soft!!! i even thought about using it as my own pillow (well, my best friend used it last night actually), but Remy took an immediate liking to it. as soon as i've saved enough scraps, more will be made for sure!!!

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