Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Coast of Cote: week 5

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time is flying by ever so quickly, i mean, we're into week 5 now. for those of you who have been following, thank you very much! and for those who are new to this project, welcome! Coast of Cote is the love child of Lacey and your's truly. you can read a little more on the background of this project on it's very first post!

this week, our connection was food. (i swear we don't have a theme!!) it boggles my brain that some how, we have managed take similar photographs. let's get to it shall we?

Coast of Cote: week 5

Moi: Right before the big storm hit over the weekend, J and I ran some errands in Charlestown. We stopped at DISH, to check out their new bakery section...because, you know, I love cupcakes! They have the baked goods area tucked into a corner at the front of the restuarant, so when you first walked in, the smell of fresh baked bread hits you right in the face. All of the pinks and the light browns caught my eyes and I loved the tone of the walls and the light hitting just right from the big storefront window.

Lacey: While in France I have been indulging in one of their specialties (a bit too often at times), which is of course Cheese! This little beauty has been catching my eye for months but I just hadn't gotten around to trying it. Now with Valentines Day at the end of the week (not hugely celebrated here but I do see some hearts here and there) it seemed like a good time to try it. Unfortunately, I bought it right at the beginning of a string of cloudy days, and as nothing makes me happier than a lovely afternoon light to photograph with, I waited. And waited. And waited. Until finally the day came. After taking a handful of shots (I was impatient to try it you see) I happily cut a few slices and prepared some nice bread. My heart nearly broke. The Neufchatel had gone bad during its week in the fridge! The unappealing ammonia smell and the sharp chemically taste pretty much ruined my day. Neadless to say that the next time I spend my hard earned Euros on a Neufchatel heart, it will be eaten toute suite.


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