Friday, February 26, 2010

Foto Fun Friday: Where's my Chippy?

J and i have talked a little here and there about having children (believe me, not right now) and what they might look like. we've come to a stark conclusion that our child will pop out of the womb making funny faces and weird noises (P), fully bearded (J), wearing plaid (P & J), and covered in tattoos (mostly J with a sprinkle of P). not until the other day did i find the most terrific picture that closely resembles what i'm describing.

Foto Fun Friday: Chippy

meet Chippy! if you watch Tim & Eric's Awesome Show, you know exactly what i'm talking about...but if you don't know, Chippy is a little hairy baby character that likes to hide behind things and is almost always in distress. i laughed so hard when J showed him to me (J loves the show and i'm quickly warming up to it). i seriously hope that our child does not come out like this...but i guess if it does, we will be prepared!

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