Tuesday, March 2, 2010

a little crafting

before the move, i worked on a little tiny surprise for a dear friend. we were still in the midst of all the snow the sky had dumped on us and she mentioned that i should embroider 2010 on the snowballs i had made for the Handmade Mart's Holiday show to commemorate the blizzard(s).

i made a hat for my snowballs to commemorate the blizzard(s) of 2010

i didn't really know another way than to take it apart in order to embroider them (or make new ones, but i was seriously pressed for time), so i decided to make a winter hat of the little bugger. i embroidered 2010 and snowflakes on the bill of his hat free handed (that's why they were not perfect) and made a yarn pom pom for the top of his hat. i actually REALLY liked the way it turned out...perhaps i'll make more when the studio is up and running again!

...and while we are in the topic of crafting and Handmade Mart. have you thought about applying to their show in May? they've got a spanking new website and you've got a month to apply!! i had an absolute blast doing these shows with great friends and great organizers...even if the weather wasn't so great the second time around! do consider applying, you won't regret it!

<-- do you recognize these?

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this chickadee said...

the commemorative snowballs are awesome!


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