Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Donna's Decembers

i've been meaning to write a little post about my friend Liz's lovechild, Donna's Decembers for a while (i must admit, my brain has not been functioning normally). you might remember me mentioning a thing or two about her when i had talked about taking engagement photos for a friend (Liz was the first to believe in my photography skills enough to actually hire me!!).


what's in the name? well, Liz's grandmother, Donna, taught her how to crochet many years ago as a child and twice in the month of December, Donna, was diagnosed with cancer. while going through chemo, her grandmother would crochet for enjoyment. Liz's grandmother passed away recently, but that hasn't stopped Liz from crafting. she makes beautiful crocheted earrings, purses, berets and even custom pieces for her shop!

{photograph via}

Liz is now one of the featured guest artists at The Muse for National Craft Month! so if you're in the Frederick area on Saturday, March 13th, stop by and say hello! if you can't make it, stop by her cute blog (which i just found out about today!) and send some love! who knows, perhaps you'll see us sharing a booth at a craft fair near you!

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